Stair tower cladding with rotec facade grating type Berlin

Staircases are not only functional elements in buildings, but often also architectural highlights. Their cladding and enclosure require special solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In this context, the rotec facade grating type Berlin proves to be an outstanding choice to meet these requirements.

Technical excellence for sophisticated staircase cladding

One of the remarkable features of the facade grating type Berlin is the possibility to produce grating with a production length of up to 6000 mm without edging. This makes it possible to display the facade appearance without interruption. No disturbing welding points and no edge edging impair the aesthetic appearance.

Low weight and versatile design options

The low weight of the aluminum grilles allows for uncomplicated installation.
The grating type Berlin can be anodized or RAL coated to meet individual design requirements. This opens up a wide range of color options and finishes for architects and designers to perfectly integrate the cladding into the overall concept of the staircase.

Customized solutions for staircases

In the case of the staircase shown here, a mesh of 33 x 100 mm was used. However, it is important to note that other mesh sizes are also possible. This allows adaptation to different architectural requirements and design preferences.

Highest load capacity in facade construction

In facade construction, load-bearing capacity and stability are of paramount importance. The aluminum facade grating is manufactured using a hydraulic high-pressure pressing process, which ensures that the filler bars are inseparably connected to the supporting bars. This ensures a shear field support effect that can withstand the highest loads. This is particularly important when cladding staircases, as safety and stability are top priorities.

Conclusion: rotec facade grating type Berlin for sophisticated staircase cladding

When it comes to designing staircases in buildings in a functional and aesthetic way, the rotec facade grating type Berlin proves to be the ideal choice. With its impressive production length, the possibility of individual design and its exceptional load-bearing capacity, it meets the high demands placed on staircase cladding. Discover the versatile applications of this high-quality product and add a unique touch to your projects.


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