High-quality aluminum facade cladding with lamellas from Renson L.050 HF at the swimming pool at the star in Potsdam

Facades are the face of a building and tell a lot about its function and aesthetics. In modern architectural developments, great importance is attached to sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and functional facade solutions. Particularly popular among these are aluminum louvre walls, which can be used both as privacy screens and to control the flow of light and air.
We at rotec, as a 25-year premium partner of the Belgian company Renson, would like to present to you in this blog article the high-quality aluminum façade cladding with lamellas of the type Renson L.050 HF, which was installed at the swimming pool at Stern in Potsdam.

Design and aesthetics

In modern architecture, the trend is increasingly moving towards functional aesthetics. Such a trend is reflected in the use of aluminum slat walls. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the RENSON LINIUS® louvre wall system L.050HF, which was installed on the facade of the swimming pool at Stern in Potsdam. This system combines high-quality materials, technical sophistication and an appealing design.

Material and surface treatment

Renson's L.050HF louvre wall system consists of extruded aluminum profiles of the type ALMgSi0.5. This aluminum alloy is not only robust, but also corrosion resistant. The surface treatment of the aluminum is specified by the architect and fits seamlessly into the overall look of the facade.



The special feature of the RENSON LINIUS® louvre wall system L.050HF is the use of Z-shaped ventilation louvres. These lamellas provide a large passage and have excellent weather protection properties. The louvers are easily and discreetly installed by clip mounting in the louver holders (L.050.11 and L.050.12 in the butt section) that are part of the system. This method ensures a linear progression of the lamellas and at the same time guarantees a solid connection.

Key performance indicators

 - Optical free cross section: 70%
- Physical Free Cross Section: 60%
- K-factor/resistance coefficient: 8.03

The technical performance indicators such as the physical and optical free cross-section provide an excellent balance between ventilation efficiency and privacy. 

Wind load and span

At a wind load of qb = 800 Pa, the possible free span of the L.050HF lamella is 1,043 mm. This speaks for the high stability and suitability of the system, even under difficult weather conditions.

Application at the swimming pool at the star in Potsdam

At the swimming pool in Potsdam, these technical highlights come into their own. The façade fits harmoniously into the overall concept of the building and offers real added value both functionally and aesthetically. The louvers allow for efficient ventilation options while protecting against the elements.


The RENSON LINIUS® L.050HF louvre wall system represents a revolution in façade cladding. The use of high-quality materials, sophisticated construction methods and a well thought-out technical design make this system ideal for modern buildings such as the swimming pool at Stern in Potsdam.

The system is not only visually appealing, but also technically highly efficient and offers excellent ventilation and protection properties. It is thus emblematic of the advances in facade technology that are convincing in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

SHIPPING - Your project, our realization

rotec's louvre walls are now in use throughout Europe. We deliver aluminum louvers, ventilation grilles, weather protection grilles, roof hoods, smoke extraction hoods and ventilation grilles for shaft smoke extraction to the greater Munich area, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Saarbrücken Stuttgart, Bremen, Saarbrücken and Vienna on a weekly basis.

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