Night cooling and night ventilation of classrooms with RC2 burglar-resistant ventilation grilles from rotec Berlin

Good ventilation in schools is an essential factor in protecting students and teachers from health problems and increasing their performance. Especially in times of pandemics, indoor air quality is an important aspect to consider. But how can you ensure good ventilation in schools?

One solution is offered by the company rotec from Berlin. rotec is a manufacturer of ventilation grilles and also offers burglar-resistant ventilation grilles of class RC2 and RC3 especially for schools. These ventilation grilles ensure sufficient ventilation of the rooms and at the same time provide increased security.

Why is good ventilation in schools so important?
Good ventilation in schools is important to improve the air quality in the classroom. Adequate ventilation removes pollutants and CO2 from the room, which protects the health of students and teachers. Poor air quality can lead to headaches, fatigue and concentration problems. Good ventilation, on the other hand, can help students and teachers perform better and achieve better results.
Another important factor is security. Burglar-resistant ventilation grilles provide protection against burglary and vandalism. The grilles are designed to provide adequate ventilation but do not allow entry into the room. Especially in times of increased danger from burglaries and vandalism, it is important that schools are adequately protected.

How can rotec help?
Rotec is an experienced company in the production of ventilation grilles. The company offers a wide range of ventilation grilles designed specifically for use in schools. These grilles ensure adequate ventilation and at the same time are burglar resistant. The grilles are available in various sizes and colors to meet the requirements of any school.

In addition, rotec also offers installation services throughout Europe. The company ensures that the ventilation grilles are installed professionally and safely for maximum effect.

Good ventilation in schools is important to protect the health and performance of students and teachers. Burglar-resistant ventilation grilles provide additional security and are a good solution to ensure adequate ventilation and protection against burglary.

rotec from Berlin is an experienced company in the production of ventilation grilles and also offers installation services across Europe to help schools ensure good ventilation while increasing safety.


rotec's burglar-resistant ventilation grilles for schools, server rooms and data centers are now in use throughout Europe. We deliver aluminum louvers, ventilation grilles, weather protection grilles, roof hoods, smoke extraction hoods and ventilation grilles for shaft smoke extraction to the greater Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Saarbrücken Stuttgart, Bremen, Saarbrücken and Vienna areas on a weekly basis.

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