Unfortunately, there are no original pictures of the riding hall with the stainless steel mirrors.

How distorted mirror images became a lesson in metalworkingN

At the heart of the metalworking industry, I often come across stories that not only bring a smile to my face, but also valuable insights. I had one such unforgettable experience not so long ago at rotec, which demonstrated the versatility and unexpected challenges of mirror-polished stainless steel sheets.

It all started with an order from a customer who purchased ten stainless steel mirror plates measuring 1250 x 2500 mm. Contrary to my usual practice, I did not ask about the intended use of these sheets. Two weeks after delivery by our logistics center, I received a call from the customer informing me of a "difficult problem". Curious, I inquired about the nature of the problem and received an answer that initially puzzled me.

The customer told me that he owns a riding stable, which also includes an indoor riding arena. He had mounted the mirror panels on the wall to allow the dressage riders to observe their horses' movements. But what began as an innovative idea led to an unexpected result: the horses were startled by the sight of themselves in the mirror, as they appeared distorted due to the uneven wall mounting - with ultra-long, thin legs and thick heads. This unintentional "fairground effect" caused some turbulence in the riding hall.

I had to stifle a smile when I heard this story. But a solution to the problem had to be found. After a thorough investigation, it turned out that the solution was to use a screen printing plate, which is known for its flatness and rigidity. A carpenter glued the stainless steel mirror plates to this panel to compensate for the unevenness of the wall. The newly constructed wall mounting finally brought the desired satisfaction back to horse and rider, and training could continue without further incident.

This experience not only underlines the almost limitless application possibilities of shatterproof stainless steel mirrors - from cladding columns and walls to use as safety mirrors in riding arenas. It also shows how important professional advice and installation are. At rotec, we attach great importance to supporting our customers not only with high-quality products, but also with our specialist knowledge and problem-solving expertise.

This story is a living example of the versatility of our products and the importance of comprehensive customer advice. For more information on our stainless steel mirrors and their diverse processing options, I cordially invite you to visit our Website to visit our website. There you will not only find technical details, but also inspiration for your next project.

Karl Marx, rotec-berlin

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  1. Femke Taal

    One day my friend Pettie left her lemur and possum in one of her examinization rooms (she is the veterinarian animals doctor). This room did have a safety mirror made of inox in case of a need to treat a large animal like a big dog or ibex so it could not smash it bringing danger to it and the doctors. And when she came back these animals were frolicking to and fro with seeing them self which gave much amusement.

    However as she reported me, no such repeat would be had when one owner brought family pistol shrimp in for checkups. If not known of this animal, it has make very loud noise with claw to stun fish to eat! Apparently, the animal had a mischievous streak of using its claw to crack mirrors it would see for its own amusement. Pettie did have much confusion to see the animal keep trying to crack this inox mirror and indeed did tire out because it could not!

    She told the shrimp owner that if again this happens, would be paying for her own doctor bills because of how loud to the ear canal this shrimp did make its noises! (But, of course Pettie did just joke and no such charge would be made upon the owner as it was joke I feel I should say)


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