In these fast-moving times, time is a precious commodity. This applies not only to everyday life, but also to the construction and industrial sectors in particular. Delays in projects can cause considerable costs and disrupt the entire schedule. This is precisely where rotec GmbH Berlin comes in with its innovative express production service. We deliver customized Renson ventilation grilles within 48 hours - a speed that is second to none.

Speed and precision - the key to success

As in professional cycling, every detail and every second counts in production. This principle is practiced every day at rotec. Renson's partner, the Soudal Quick-Step cycling team, is an impressive embodiment of this philosophy. The athletes always strive for maximum performance and speed in order to achieve their goals. In the same way, we at rotec strive to give our customers a decisive advantage through fast and precise production.

Express production - what does that mean for you?

Our express production service ensures that you receive your customized ventilation grille within 48 hours. What this means for you:
Minimal waiting times: No lengthy production processes. Your order is processed immediately and completed in the shortest possible time.

Maximum flexibility:
Fast response to changes and new requirements - ideal for dynamic construction projects and short-term orders.

Cost efficiency:
Reduce downtimes and delays to a minimum - this saves costs in the long term and keeps your projects on schedule.

Why rotec

With over 35 years of experience and an extensive product range, rotec is your reliable partner in ventilation grille construction. Our certifications in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN 1090-1/2, EXC 1+2 and DIN EN ISO 3834-3 are proof of our commitment to quality and precision. Our stock includes an extensive range of Renson ventilation louvres, so that we can react flexibly and quickly to your individual requirements.

One team, one goal: speed and efficiency

The Soudal Quick-Step cycling team inspires us anew every day.
The speed and precision that this team demonstrates is reflected in our work. Just like the cycling pros, we at rotec strive to always be one step ahead and offer you the fastest and best solutions.

Rely on the speed of rotec

When it comes to speed and reliability, we make no compromises. With our express production service, you are always on the safe side. See our customized ventilation grilles for yourself and experience how our speed can advance your projects.

Visit us at or contact us directly to find out more about our express manufacturing and other services. At rotec, you don't just get products, but solutions that exceed your expectations - quickly, precisely and reliably.

Reliable and fast delivery of ventilation grilles

Not only the quality of the ventilation grilles, but also the delivery is a central concern at rotec. We offer fast and reliable deliveries not only in major German cities such as Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and many more, but also internationally. Our customers in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Poland benefit from our express deliveries.


Like the Soudal Quick-Step cycling team, we also rely on speed and precision to give you the decisive edge. Choose rotec - your partner for express production and innovative ventilation solutions. and


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