The picture shows burglar-resistant ventilation grilles type 431RC2 mounted on a data center. The grilles are set in a rectangular frame made of aluminum and provide a robust barrier against unwanted intruders. This grille is a product designed specifically for use in data centers, among other applications.

Burglar-resistant ventilation grilles RC2 and RC3 for data centers from rotec GmbH Berlin

Data centers are of great importance to businesses, government agencies and other organizations because they provide a safe and secure infrastructure for storing and processing data. It is critical that these facilities are protected against intruders and unauthorized access to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data there.

An important component of this security is the ventilation grilles that provide data center ventilation and cooling. However, it is equally important that these ventilation grilles are burglar-resistant to ensure data center protection.
For this reason, rotec GmbH Berlin has a range of burglar-resistant RENSON ventilation grilles in its product line that meet the highest security standards. The RC2 and RC3 class ventilation grilles offer high resistance to physical attacks and effectively protect the data center from burglars and other unauthorized persons.

Ventilation grilles from rotec are made of high quality materials, die ensure long life and reliability. The grilles are made of high quality aluminum and have a special structure that ensures maximum stability and resistance to attacks.
rotec's RC2 and RC43 ventilation grilles are certified by independent testing organizations and meet the strict requirements of the European standard EN 1627, which defines the classification of burglar-resistant building components and divides them into different resistance classes, from RC1 to RC6.

RC2 and RC3 ventilation grilles from rotec meet the requirements of resistance classes RC2 and RC3. This means that they can withstand a physical attack from tools such as screwdrivers, crowbars, saws and drills.
The anti-burglary ventilation grilles from roten not only provide a high standard of security, but are also aesthetically pleasing and appealing to most buildings and facilities. The grilles are available in various colors and sizes and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the data center.

In summary, rotec GmbH Berlin is a reliable partner for data centers looking for burglar-resistant ventilation grilles. With RC2 and RC3 ventilation grilles, it offers the highest security standards that ensure data center protection while providing an aesthetic and practical solution.


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