Shaft smoke extraction for elevators with the
RW3000+ roof hood: Innovation in elevator construction

The rotec roof hatch RW3000 was developed in 2018 especially for shaft smoke extraction for elevators on flat roofs. The motor of the closable roof hatch can be controlled by any on-site SHEV system or manually, allowing flexible control.


Technical specifications

The roof hood consists of a double-walled GRP base that ensures thermal separation between the aluminum hood and the roof. This prevents unwanted effects such as ice formation and condensation on the roof hood, which improves the overall quality and functionality of the system.
The ventilation grilles used are made of anodized and weatherproof aluminum. The grilles are provided with a stainless steel fly gauze from the inner sides. This prevents vermin from entering the shaft. The fireproof swing windows provide all-round ventilation, ensuring additional control and efficiency.

CE certification

CE certification of the RW3000 roof hood is a decisive proof of quality and a prerequisite for placing the product on the market within the European Economic Area. It shows that the product complies with the applicable European directives, especially with regard to health and safety.

Challenges in safety and energy efficiency - fire and everyday ventilation

The safety of elevator systems requires special attention both in the event of a fire and during daily operation. The RW3000+ roof hood ensures reliable smoke extraction in the event of a fire and enables energy-optimized ventilation in everyday operation to avoid unnecessary energy loss.

Legal requirements

During the development of the RW3000+ roof hood, numerous standards and laws regulating the operation of elevators and elevators were taken into account, including:
- Elevator law EC/2006/42
- Building law and state building regulations (ENEV, LBO, DIN 1946-6)
- Elevator standard EN 81-20
- BetrSichV 2015
- DIN 12101-2


The integration and planning of elevator systems is a complex task in which safety and energy efficiency must be taken into account in equal measure. The rotec RW3000+ roof hood is a prime example of innovation in this field and offers an efficient solution that masters these challenges. With the added features of weatherproof aluminum and fire-resistant rotating sash windows, it provides a reliable and effective solution. Trust in quality and technology that meets the requirements of our time.


Today, rotec roof hoods are in use throughout Europe. rotec delivers roof hoods, smoke extraction hoods and ventilation grilles for shaft smoke extraction to the greater Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Saarbrücken and Stuttgart areas on a weekly basis.

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