An overview of the services and quality standards of rotec's sheet metal processing center

Sheet metal working is an essential part of modern manufacturing technology and plays a crucial role in a wide range of industries. At rotec in Berlin, we offer a comprehensive range of services in sheet metal and metalworking. From one-off production to large-scale series, our expertise and extensive stock enable us to meet the most diverse requirements of our customers.

Our quality promise

At rotec, we place the highest value on quality. Our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN 1090-1/2, EXC 1+2 and DIN EN ISO 3834-3 certificates are proof of our commitment to the highest quality standards. These certifications guarantee that our products and services meet the most stringent industry requirements.

Classic techniques and modern procedures

Our services in sheet metal processing include classic techniques such as cutting, punching, nibbling and folding. In addition, we offer other processing options such as welding and drilling in our affiliated metal workshop. We specialize in the processing of tear plate and checker plate, materials used in various applications from industry to design.

Laser cutting: The revolution in sheet metal processing

The use of laser technology has expanded the possibilities in sheet metal processing. With laser cutting, we can cut steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum sheets, bulb plates and checker plates, as well as other materials with extreme thicknesses, stress-free and CNC-controlled. This enables the production of complex hole patterns and lettering according to your CAD templates.

Case study: Sheet metal processing for historic vehicles

An interesting project was the production of a small series of spare parts for a historic Defender vehicle. The challenge was to replace the rusting oil pans. Our solution was to use solid sheet stainless steel. The individual parts were first cut and laser cut, then shaped on the press brake and finally welded. The result is a robust and durable oil pan.

Our warehouse: Fast delivery times guaranteed

Our extensive warehouse in Berlin Tempelhof enables us to guarantee short delivery times. With well over 1000 different grades of sheet, expanded metal, perforated sheet and grating made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, we can respond quickly and efficiently to your requirements.


Visit us in our sheet metal processing center in Berlin Tempelhof. Our employees are at your disposal to solve your concerns quickly and without complications. Whether you are a reseller, an industrial company or a savvy end user, at rotec you will find the quality and service you expect.

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