invisible garage doors with Linarte wall panels

When you think of facade cladding, garage doors probably don't immediately come to mind. However, Linarte wall cladding systems set new standards in the architecture and design industry by making garage doors elegant and virtually invisible. 

Linarte Profiles: Elegance meets functionality

 Linarte profiles offer a linear unit with vertical profiles in various designs, both for interior and exterior. The focus is on the seamless transition of gates or doors into a unified facade. These profiles are made of aluminum and can be personalized with wood infills or LED modules as desired.Linarte wall cladding systems revolutionize the look of buildings by invisibly integrating garage doors while offering a wide range of design options. If you are interested in a solution that combines aesthetics and functionality, this system is the right choice.

The film

A film showing Linarte garage door panels in action provides a vivid insight into the possibilities offered by this technology. The combination of elegance, innovation and sustainability makes Linarte a forward-looking choice in the modern architecture and design world.

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