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Security is a growing need in many industries, especially where valuable resources such as precious metals, copper cables, copper shavings, stainless steel and brass scrap are stored outdoors. Companies such as car yards, depots, recycling centers and storage yards are increasingly faced with the challenge of effectively securing their facilities. With the APS electric fence, rotec GmbH offers an innovative and efficient solution for securing outdoor areas.

Security fence type Stromzaun APS from rotecBerli

Effective theft protection for your outdoor area with the APS power fence system from rotec

Imagine being able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that your company premises - be it a car parking lot, an open-air warehouse, a cable depot or even a recycling yard - are safe from uninvited guests. This is exactly where the rotec high security fence, electric fence APS, comes in, an effective protection for all those who place the highest value on the protection of their property. 

rotec has been on the market for two decades with the Stromzaun APS security system and has successfully implemented numerous installations in Europe - with an impressive reduction in burglary rates of over 95% and almost perfect protection against vandalism and unauthorized access. But how does this security system, which is known worldwide for its reliability of 99.89 % and its low false alarm rate, work?

The technology behind the high-security fence Stromzaun APS

The heart of the system is the high-voltage generator, which produces pulsating high-voltage pulses of up to 9,000 volts. The electric wire triggers a deterrent but safe electric shock when touched. During the day, the system operates at low voltage and is safe for humans and animals; at night, it switches to high voltage to effectively prevent any unwanted access at 9,000 volts. 

Equipped with the highest safety certificates, there is no risk of injury from the APS electric fence. It is designed in such a way that the high voltage in combination with a very low amperage and the pulsating effect does not pose any danger, but nevertheless painfully repels the attacker and triggers an alarm in any case.

Customization of the high security fence to your needs

The system adapts to a wide variety of fence types, from double wire mesh to wire mesh and mobile construction fences, and can be easily integrated into existing structures. The rotec APS electric fence also offers climbing-over protection for areas with increased security requirements, such as building or wall protection, making unauthorized climbing over virtually impossible.
There are special solutions for gates and doors that are activated permanently or only at night, depending on the setting, so that operation can continue undisturbed during the day.

Reliability and service: a promise from rotec

With an intrusion resistance of over 95 % and vandalism protection of up to 100 %, the rotec APS electric fence provides an unrestricted security promise. And in the unlikely event of a false alarm, the intelligent alarm relays ensure rapid diagnosis and rectification. 

Don't hesitate any longer and protect your premises with the APS electric fence, the guard that never sleeps. Find out more about this innovative security system on our website and contact our experts to develop a customized security solution for your company.

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