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Author: karl marx

Express production at rotec: convincing speed - Renson ventilation grilles in 48 hours

In these fast-moving times, time is a precious commodity. This applies not only to everyday life, but also to the construction and industrial sectors in particular. Delays in projects can cause considerable costs and disrupt the entire schedule. This is precisely where rotec GmbH Berlin comes in with its innovative express production service. We deliver customized Renson ventilation grilles within 48 hours - a speed that is second to none.

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Security fence, outdoor security Theft protection for precious metals and copper cables

Perimeter security with the rotec high security fence rotec APS - security you can rely on.
Security is a growing need in many industries, especially where valuable resources such as precious metals, copper cables, copper shavings, stainless steel and brass scrap are stored outdoors. Companies such as car yards, depots, recycling centers and storage yards are increasingly faced with the challenge of effectively securing their facilities. With the APS electric fence, rotec GmbH offers an innovative and efficient solution for securing outdoor areas.

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Parking garage louvre façade: Renson Linius L.050 louvre blade & perforated metal panels

In the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, a metropolis recognized worldwide for its pioneering architecture and progressive approach to urban development, rises the "Uptown Rotterdam" parking garage project. This flagship project is an impressive illustration of how the symbiosis of modern technology and aesthetic design can shape the future of urban infrastructure. Through the clever integration of Renson brand louvers together with first-class perforated metal panels, this building sets new standards in the design of parking garages.

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Aluminum floor grilles: Efficient ventilation in server rooms

A focus on application flexibilityIn the world of technology, where server rooms are at the heart of our digital infrastructure, efficient and reliable cooling is essential. This is where aluminum floor grilles play a crucial role. The AV500 model from Grada is a prime example of high-quality solutions that meet both technical and aesthetic requirements.

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In recent years, attacks on electricity pylons and other critical infrastructure have become a serious concern. The most recent example is the unfortunate incident at the Tesla plant in Brandenburg, where unknown perpetrators used sabotage to disrupt the power supply to the plant and surrounding industrial operations. Such incidents highlight the urgent need to take effective protective measures to prevent similar events in the future.

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