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Category: Metalworking


Welcome to rotec - your specialist for metal and sheet metal processing
For over 35 years, rotec GmbH Berlin has been at the forefront of metal and sheet metal processing. With our deep-rooted tradition in Berlin and an unsurpassed passion for quality, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of solutions for industry and the building trade. Our website offers a comprehensive insight into our wide range of services, from laser sheet metal processing to the development and distribution of metal constructions.

Our expertise in metal and sheet metal processingAt rotec, we understand the versatility of metal and its We at rotec understand the versatility of metal and its importance in modern construction. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, including precise laser sheet metal processing, enable us to offer customized solutions for every customer requirement. Our extensive stock of around 1,200 different types of sheet metal, from expanded metal to solid and perforated sheets, enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries

Committed to quality - our certificates
Quality is the foundation of our success. rotec is proud to be certified to the highest industry standards, including DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN 1090-1/2, EXC 1+2 and DIN EN ISO 3834-3. These certificates demonstrate our commitment to outstanding product quality and process efficiency, giving our customers security and confidence in our products and services.

35 years of innovation and partnership
Architects, planning offices, metal fabricators, façade constructors, building owners, industrial companies and shopfitters will not only find a supplier in rotec GmbH Berlin, but also a partner characterized by professional competence, reliability and innovation. Our many years of experience and our quality awareness make us the ideal partner for your projects.

Discover how we can help you with your next project by contacting us at or contact us directly at

Security fence, outdoor security Theft protection for precious metals and copper cables

Perimeter security with the rotec high security fence rotec APS - security you can rely on.
Security is a growing need in many industries, especially where valuable resources such as precious metals, copper cables, copper shavings, stainless steel and brass scrap are stored outdoors. Companies such as car yards, depots, recycling centers and storage yards are increasingly faced with the challenge of effectively securing their facilities. With the APS electric fence, rotec GmbH offers an innovative and efficient solution for securing outdoor areas.

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Expanded metal façades from rotec Berlin: innovation and aesthetics for modern architecture

In modern architecture, façade systems play a decisive role, not only for the aesthetics of a building, but also for its functionality and sustainability. One innovative solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the use of expanded metal for façades and climate enclosures on the roof. This technique offers a variety of benefits, from improving energy efficiency to creating unique visual effects. One company leading the way in this field is rotec Berlin, with 35 years of experience in the metalworking industry.

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rotec expanded metal and expanded metal: your partner for high-quality façade cladding

Discover how rotec expanded metal supports your projects in modern architecture and beyond with comprehensive advice and fast availability From technical beginnings to design highlights, expanded metal has had an impressive journey. Originally used for industrial purposes such as dividers, screens or security fencing, expanded metal has now become a valued material in architecture. The unique aesthetics and functionality of expanded metal can be found in façade elements, ceiling cassettes and even furniture designs....

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Mirror plates and horses: Polished stainless steel mirrors in a horse stable. An unusual story

How distorted mirror images became a lesson in metalworking. At the heart of the metalworking industry, there are always stories that not only bring a smile to my face, but also valuable insights. I had one such unforgettable experience not long ago at rotec, which demonstrated the versatility and unexpected challenges of mirror-polished stainless steel mirror sheets.......

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Innovation in tear plate and checker plate processing

Today I'm taking you on a little journey through time in our blog. I recently watched one of our old YouTube films showing the processing of tear plates at rotec. It was amusing to watch this movie, which I had made myself a decade ago - with a dramatically exaggerated soundtrack that I'm sure no one would choose today. At the time, my YouTube video creation skills were still in their infancy, making this movie one of my first projects in this area.

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Cellar partition walls and cellar closures: The safe and flexible solution from Berlin

When it comes to making optimum use of the available space in cellars and at the same time ensuring order and safety, cellar partition walls and cellar closets are indispensable elements. With the room partition element system "rotec Optimal", rotec GmbH from Berlin offers a high-quality, immediately available and easy-to-install solution. Rapid availability - a plus for every project In the dynamic world of construction and industry, every hour often counts. Thanks to an extensive stock, rotec GmbH is able to deliver cellar partition walls quickly and efficiently nationwide - and...

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rotec Klima enclosure louvre wall in Frankfurt with impressive panorama

Louvre wall roof enclosure in Frankfurt/Main Louvre wall system Renson, louvre blade L.066.01 Technical cladding made of Renson louvre wall system support profile LD.0995 and louvre blade L.066.06 Climate enclosure in Frankfurt/Main Louvre wall system from rotec: aesthetics meets technology. Innovative louvre façade from rotec: a fusion of design and functionality In the heart of the imposing skyline of Frankfurt am Main stands an impressive testimony to technical expertise and design innovation: a louvre wall façade, designed, planned and installed by rotec, fitted with louvres from our long-standing premium partner Renson. rotec has been shaping the louvre wall industry for 35 years, bringing unrivaled experience and expertise to the table. Our continuous commitment to the highest quality has made us one of the leading...

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Bent parts, sheet metal cutting and sheet metal processing in Berlin

rotec sheet metal processing Bending and folding parts Bending and folding work Perforated sheets Special perforated sheets rotec sand sheets Bottom flap made of aluminum Quintet sheet Tear plate Stair treads with certificate Tear plate treadsEdged tear plates are welded here into finished treads An overview of the services and quality standards of rotec's sheet metal processing center Sheet metal processing is an essential part of modern manufacturing technology and plays a crucial role in a wide range of industries. At rotec in Berlin, we offer a comprehensive range of services in sheet metal and metalworking. From one-offs to large-scale production, our expertise and extensive stock enable us to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Our...

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Stair tower cladding with the rotec facade grating type Berlin: aesthetics and functionality in harmony

Staircase cladding aluminum facade grating stair tower facade grating pattern facade grating_fixings stair tower cladding with rotec facade grating type Berlin Staircases are not only functional elements in buildings, but often also architectural highlights. Their cladding and enclosure require special solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In this context, the rotec façade grating type Berlin proves to be an outstanding choice to meet these requirements. Technical excellence for sophisticated staircase cladding One of the remarkable features of the facade grating type Berlin is the possibility to produce gratings with a production length of up to 6000 mm without edging. This makes it possible to display the façade appearance without interruption. No disturbing welding spots and...

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Heavy duty gratings from Berlin: Highest quality for demanding applications

Heavy-duty gratingsHeavy-duty gratings hot-dip galvanized Heavy-duty gratings 31×09 mmSmall-mesh heavy-duty gratings hot-dip galvanized Old Berlin heavy-duty gratingTrafficable heavy-duty grating reproduced from a historical model GRP heavy-duty gratingHeavy-duty grating made of GRP Heavy-duty grating Application In the world of industry and construction, there are situations in which conventional solutions are simply not enough. Extreme loads and diverse requirements call for special products that meet the highest standards. This is exactly where heavy duty gratings from rotec GmbH Berlin come into play. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at these robust gratings and highlight their diverse applications. Heavy duty gratings from rotec: precision and quality Our heavy duty gratings are manufactured with the highest precision and care to...

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Rotec facade grating type Berlin, Exclusive facade cladding with aluminum gratings

facade grating type berlinFacade of a car dealership in Berlin parking garage facaderotec facade grating type Berlin as fall protection in a parking garage facade grating pattern fastening facade gratingFacade grating is fastened by means of a welded-in plate Exclusive facade cladding with aluminum facade grating rotec type Berlin A specialty in our company are our gratings as facade elements. In particular, our facade grating type Berlin combines special properties that open up new application possibilities in the field of conventional facade gratings. With an impressive length of up to 6000 mm and a production height of 1260 mm, we offer technical excellence paired with elegant design. Versatile applications for architecturally impressive facade gratings Our rotec facade gratings type Berlin find a variety of applications. They serve, as sun protection...

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35 years of rotec GmbH: A milestone in industrial metal processing

rotec Berlin administration rotec manufacturing ventilation grilles rotec sheet metal warehouse in BerlinShort delivery times due to extensive stockholding warehouse rotec basement partition wallsimmediate delivery readiness for the complete basement partition wall system fabrication special gratingspecial constructions grating fabrication laser sheet metal processing 35 years rotec GmbH berlin For 35 years now, the name rotec has stood for quality, reliability and innovation in the metal processing industry. Our journey began in 1988 when we set the goal of developing not only metal products, but solutions for our customers Quality meets innovation rotec specializes in professional metal processing for industry and the building trades. Whether laser sheet metal processing, development and distribution of metal constructions or the...

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Underground garage ventilation with green roof hood

Underground garage ventilation in MunichVentilation hood for underground garage ventilation Underground garage ventilation with lamella type L.050HF Underground garage ventilation with Renson lamella L.050.HF The lamella provides natural ventilation and prevents the penetration of foliageThe roof hood is visually very nicely integrated into the surrounding landscape. Ventilation hood underground garageUnusual underground garage ventilation with the lamella L.050HF and green roof hood in Hamburg We all know how important it is to ventilate an underground garage efficiently to create a healthy and safe indoor climate. In today's blog post, we would like to introduce an innovative solution: An underground parking garage ventilation system realized with Renson's L.050HF louvre and a green roof canopy....

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The many advantages of laser cutting at rotec GmbH Berlin

Sheets lasered Perforated sheets lasered Design Perforated sheets lasered Lasered construction parts The multiple advantages of laser cutting at rotec GmbH Berlin rotec GmbH Berlin has established itself as a pioneer in the field of laser cutting and offers a wide range of services in this area. Laser cutting is a highly precise and efficient method for processing a wide range of materials. In this article, we take a detailed look at the many benefits of laser cutting offered by rotec GmbH in Berlin. 1. precision and accuracy Laser cutting enables exceptional precision and accuracy when processing materials. The highly concentrated laser radiation creates narrow...

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