Where do the large price differences in double picket fencing come from?

The popularity of double wire mesh as a fencing system in Europe is undisputed. This popularity results from the robust construction, the fact that they are largely maintenance-free and their high cost-effectiveness. Despite a higher initial investment compared to wire mesh fences, the investment pays off in the long term. Traditionally, the double wire mesh has been manufactured over four decades with a mesh size of 50×200 mm, two cross wires made of 8 mm round steel and a vertical bar made of 6 mm round steel. After production, the mats are hot-dip galvanized in a full bath, making them particularly robust and durable - a hallmark of rotec quality.

Why are double wire mesh panels getting cheaper and cheaper?

In recent years, various manufacturers have started to produce double wire mesh with ever thinner wires. Today, there are double wire meshes on the market where the horizontal wires are only 6 mm thick and the vertical wires are 5 mm thick. For comparison: A double bar mat (2030 x 2510 mm) with 8/6/8 wires weighs approx. 40 kg per piece, the thinner version with 6/5/6 wires only 29 kg - a saving of 11 kg of steel per mat.

Visually, these mats are almost indistinguishable to the layman. However, the thinner double rod mats do not offer the same robustness and stability as their thicker counterparts. Depending on how stable and durable you want your fence to be, you should take these differences into account when making your purchase decision.

The importance of hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment

Another important consideration when purchasing double wire mesh panels is the type of surface treatment. The traditional method, in which the mesh panels are made from raw iron and then hot-dip galvanized in a full bath, offers optimum corrosion protection. This method ensures that the zinc coating remains intact and protects the mesh from rust in the long term.

However, there is also a more cost-effective process in which the wires are galvanized during production (strip galvanized wire). The disadvantage of this process is that the zinc coating burns off when the crossing points are welded together, which impairs the corrosion protection. Even subsequent powder coating cannot completely remedy this. Depending on the effects of the weather, double rod mesh can rust at the welded joints, sometimes even within the warranty period.

Our quality promise

At rotec, all double wire mesh offered is hot-dip galvanized in a full bath. To ensure that you receive a high-quality surface treatment, we recommend that you obtain written confirmation that the double rod mesh you have purchased has been hot-dip galvanized after manufacture. This also applies to the surface treatment of the associated fence posts.
If you are looking for a durable and robust double picket fence or security fence, pay attention to these quality features and choose a product that meets your requirements. We at rotec guarantee you the highest quality and durability of our products.
This article is aimed at architects, planning offices, metalworkers, façade constructors, building owners and industrial companies. We at rotec attach great importance to quality and are at your side as the ideal partner for your projects. 

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