Power pylons and critical infrastructures: security solutions in times of threats

In recent years, attacks on electricity pylons and other critical infrastructure have become a serious concern. The most recent example is the unfortunate incident at the Tesla plant in Brandenburg, where unknown perpetrators used sabotage to disrupt the power supply to the plant and surrounding industrial operations. Such incidents highlight the urgent need to take effective protective measures to prevent similar events in the future.
The attack on the Tesla plant is an alarming signal for companies and authorities responsible for the security of their infrastructure. The question many are asking is: how can we protect our electricity pylons and other sensitive facilities from such attacks?

One possible answer to this question is offered by rotec, a company specializing in the professional processing of metal and developer of innovative security technologies. Back in 1995, rotec developed the STROMZAUN ground-mounted security system to effectively protect solar parks. Over the years, this technology has proven to be extremely effective and has been continuously developed to meet the highest security standards.

In addition to protecting solar parks, the secure power fence system is now used by the automotive industry, recycling centers, endangered industrial plants and, among others, the Federal Printing Office.

The rotec power fence offers a robust and reliable solution for protecting electricity pylons and other vulnerable installations. Its functions and features make it the ideal choice for companies and authorities looking for effective security solutions. A look at the Website from rotec reveals some of the most important features of this innovative safety system:

Highly effective deterrent

The rotec power fence is designed to deter potential attackers and prevent unauthorized access. Its visible presence alone can act as a deterrent, while its technical properties provide an effective barrier against intruders.

Flexibility and adaptability

The rotec power fence is versatile and can be adapted to the specific requirements and conditions of the site. Whether for electricity pylons or other critical infrastructures, this security system offers customized solutions for a wide range of applications.

Robust construction and durability

Manufactured from high-quality materials and in compliance with strict quality standards and safety norms, the rotec power fence is characterized by its durability and reliability. Even under extreme weather conditions and environmental influences, it remains ready for use and guarantees reliable protection around the clock,
.rotec security fence - site protection with electric fence - detects, reports and responds with 5000 or 9000 volts.
Given the increasing threats to electricity pylons and other critical infrastructure, it is vital to take proactive security measures. The rotec power fence offers a proven and effective solution to protect such facilities from attack and ensure continuity of power supply. With its state-of-the-art technology and robust construction, rotec's power fence is the first choice for companies and authorities looking for reliable security solutions
rotec Stromzaunn detects, reports and strikes back with 5000 or 9000 volts.
For more information about the power fence and other rotec products, please visit the website at www.rotec-berlin.de/zaun/Stromzaun.

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