Night cooling in data centers: Safety and efficiency with type 431RC2 ventilation grilles

The Night setback in data centers of the temperature is an advanced method to Reduce operating costs and significantly improve energy efficiency. In conjunction with burglar-resistant ventilation grilles such as the Type 431RC2, certified to DIN EN 1627, opens up an innovative opportunity to guarantee safety and efficiency in equal measure.

Introduction to night setback and its benefits

Night setback uses the cooler temperatures at night to effectively reduce the internal temperatures of data centers. This approach not only helps to reduce operating costs, but also promotes sustainable operational management.

The role of burglar-resistant ventilation grilles

Type 431RC2: Features and benefits

The type 431RC2 burglar-resistant ventilation grilles processed by rotec are specially designed for use in data centers. The use of burglar-resistant screws and the design in accordance with the Resistance class RC2 these ventilation grilles offer excellent protection against physical attacks. Their easy installation and suitability for night cooling make them the ideal choice for data centers that value cooling and security.

Resistance class RC2 in accordance with DIN EN 1627

DIN EN 1627 defines requirements for the burglar resistance of building elements. The Resistance class RC2 offers adequate protection against opportunist thieves, which makes the use of ventilation grilles of the Type 431RC2 as the minimum standard for effective burglary protection.

Products from rotec GmbH Berlin: Quality and reliability

The rotec GmbH Berlin offers an extensive range of burglar-resistant ventilation grilles, including those designed specifically for data centers. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are available in various resistance classes, including RC2 and RC3available to meet the requirements of DIN EN 1627 to do justice to them.

Regional and international supply of ventilation grilles for industrial requirements

With a reliable delivery network, rotec not only supplies the greater Berlin area, Munich, Hamburg and other cities in Germany, but also delivers internationally, including to Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. This underlines rotec's reach and commitment to providing quality and service across borders.

For professionals such as architects, planners and building owners who are interested in optimizing the operating efficiency of data centers, the combination of energy-efficient night cooling and robust burglary protection through certified ventilation grilles offers a future-oriented solution.

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