Protection and safety with rotec natural wire

At a time when security is becoming increasingly important, companies are faced with the challenge of effectively protecting their property. Inadequate protection can lead to break-ins, vandalism and unauthorized access, which not only cause material damage but also impair the sense of security.

This is where rotec barbed wire comes into play. Nato wire, also known as razor wire, S-wire, blade wire and barbed locking wire. Nato wire is a special security wire that has been developed for high-security applications. This wire is particularly effective in preventing unauthorized access and is used worldwide in security-relevant areas such as prisons, military facilities, airports, industrial plants and embassies.

Security fence type Stromzaun APS from rotecBerli

Technical data and natural wire variants

Our Natowire is made of high-tensile wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm, fitted with razor-sharp blades made of galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel. This construction deters potential intruders and provides the best possible protection for properties and buildings.

Installation of natural wire

Natural wire can be attached to fences, walls or building walls. Special Y-beams are used to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the barrier. The Y-beams are mounted at a maximum distance of 2.5 m and adapted to the structural conditions in our factory in Berlin. Appropriate protective clothing such as protective gloves and leather aprons must be worn during installation.

The natural wire must be laid in such a way that nobody can accidentally injure themselves on it. On the tops of fences and walls, the natural wire may only be installed as climbing protection from a minimum height of 2.0 m. If the natural wire is installed at ground level, the wire rolls must always be installed behind a fence built in front. Natural wire may not be used at ground level as protection against wild animals, e.g. wild boar.

The use of natural wire is subject to strict legal regulations in Germany. Strict rules apply, particularly in public and residential areas, to prevent injuries. It is advisable to consult the local authorities before installation.

Important information on the pull-out lengths of the natural wire castors

In order to achieve an increased deterrent and barrier effect of the magnet wire on and in the industrial fence, the coil spacing must be kept narrow. It should be noted that the narrower the winding spacing, the shorter the extension length of the roll of natural wire. In prisons, the extension length of a roll with 56 turns is usually 4 - 6 m. For the military and police it is approx. 10 m.

Rotec: Your reliable partner for natural wire

With decades of experience in the processing and distribution of natural wire, Rotec is your reliable partner for security solutions. Our extensive warehouse in Berlin ensures fast availability and our specially manufactured Y-beams ensure secure installation. Our international customers include prisons, industrial companies and embassies that rely on our high-quality products and excellent service.

We will be happy to provide you with detailed information and personal advice. Contact us to discuss your security requirements and find the optimum solution for your needs.

Further information about our Nato wire and accessories and for securing outdoor areas with the high security fence POWER FENCE can be found on our website:

Telephone information also available on +49 30 789039-0

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