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Tag: Mounting

Stair tower cladding with the rotec facade grating type Berlin: aesthetics and functionality in harmony

Staircase cladding aluminum facade grating stair tower facade grating pattern facade grating_fixings stair tower cladding with rotec facade grating type Berlin Staircases are not only functional elements in buildings, but often also architectural highlights. Their cladding and enclosure require special solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In this context, the rotec façade grating type Berlin proves to be an outstanding choice to meet these requirements. Technical excellence for sophisticated staircase cladding One of the remarkable features of the facade grating type Berlin is the possibility to produce gratings with a production length of up to 6000 mm without edging. This makes it possible to display the façade appearance without interruption. No disturbing welding spots and...

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Installation of Renson Linarte wall cladding

Linarte residential building in BerlinWall cladding with Linarte in Gürtelstraße in Berlin Linarte cladding of a wallCladding of a wall in a sauna business Linarte LED slatted wallLinarte wall cladding with LED lighting Invisible gate cladding with Linarte profiles - Installation cladding Installation of Renson Linarte wall cladding: quality and expertise from rotec Berlin Renson Linarte is more than just a wall cladding. It is a sophisticated aesthetic that inspires architects and interior designers alike. As a long-standing premium partner of the Renson company from Belgium, rotec Berlin brings over 20 years of experience in the production and installation of Renson products. Our expertise, combined with our proven quality - confirmed by ISO 9001 certification - makes...

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Classic sun protection for offices and schools with SUNCLIPS

Sun protection slats installed in Luxemburgrotec Shading with Sunclips at a school in Luxemburg SunclipsFast installation thanks to the clips system Sunclips ShadingCorner solutions are possible Shading with SUNCLIPSIdeal sun protection for south facades Sunclips Sun protection for schoolsSunclips cantilever sun protection Sun protection slats Sunclips: Innovative Protection from the High Summer Sun When it comes to providing modern solar shading without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality, Renson Sunclips® solar shading louvers are second to none. Manufactured by one of the leaders in solar shading, Sunclips® combine innovative technology with elegant design. The benefits of Sunclips louvers What makes Sunclips so special? It is the ideal protection from the high summer sun, which at the same time allows the view...

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