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Natural wire - Razor Wire S-wire: High security wire for maximum security

At a time when security is becoming increasingly important, companies are faced with the challenge of effectively protecting their property. Inadequate protection can lead to break-ins, vandalism and unauthorized access, which not only cause material damage but also impair the sense of security.

This is where rotec barbed wire comes into play. Nato wire, also known as razor wire, S-wire, blade wire and barbed locking wire. Nato wire is a special security wire that has been developed for high-security applications. This wire is particularly effective in preventing unauthorized access and is used worldwide in security-relevant areas such as prisons, military facilities, airports, industrial plants and embassies.

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Parking garage louvre façade: Renson Linius L.050 louvre blade & perforated metal panels

In the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, a metropolis recognized worldwide for its pioneering architecture and progressive approach to urban development, rises the "Uptown Rotterdam" parking garage project. This flagship project is an impressive illustration of how the symbiosis of modern technology and aesthetic design can shape the future of urban infrastructure. Through the clever integration of Renson brand louvers together with first-class perforated metal panels, this building sets new standards in the design of parking garages.

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In recent years, attacks on electricity pylons and other critical infrastructure have become a serious concern. The most recent example is the unfortunate incident at the Tesla plant in Brandenburg, where unknown perpetrators used sabotage to disrupt the power supply to the plant and surrounding industrial operations. Such incidents highlight the urgent need to take effective protective measures to prevent similar events in the future.

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Expanded metal façades from rotec Berlin: innovation and aesthetics for modern architecture

In modern architecture, façade systems play a decisive role, not only for the aesthetics of a building, but also for its functionality and sustainability. One innovative solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the use of expanded metal for façades and climate enclosures on the roof. This technique offers a variety of benefits, from improving energy efficiency to creating unique visual effects. One company leading the way in this field is rotec Berlin, with 35 years of experience in the metalworking industry.

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LINARTE privacy fence with LED lighting

Linarte privacy screen Elegance meets functionality: The LINARTE privacy fence from Renson - Exclusively at rotec Berlin Welcome to our blog! Today I would like to introduce you to something very special: the LINARTE privacy fence with LED lighting from Renson. As the exclusive contractual partner of Renson in Germany, rotec Berlin offers you these extraordinary fences that perfectly combine design and privacy. A masterpiece of aesthetics The LINARTE series is more than just a privacy fence. It is a statement from Renson for high-quality wall cladding and slatted walls. With its clear, linear aesthetics, the...

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rotec Klima enclosure louvre wall in Frankfurt with impressive panorama

Louvre wall roof enclosure in Frankfurt/Main Louvre wall system Renson, louvre blade L.066.01 Technical cladding made of Renson louvre wall system support profile LD.0995 and louvre blade L.066.06 Climate enclosure in Frankfurt/Main Louvre wall system from rotec: aesthetics meets technology. Innovative louvre façade from rotec: a fusion of design and functionality In the heart of the imposing skyline of Frankfurt am Main stands an impressive testimony to technical expertise and design innovation: a louvre wall façade, designed, planned and installed by rotec, fitted with louvres from our long-standing premium partner Renson. rotec has been shaping the louvre wall industry for 35 years, bringing unrivaled experience and expertise to the table. Our continuous commitment to the highest quality has made us one of the leading...

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Advantages of natural ventilation of underground garages

Natural ventilation of underground garages Example in Hamburg natural ventilation of parking garagesA stainless steel fly gauze prevents the penetration of vermin Natural ventilation of underground garages with rotec ventilation hood D40 underground garage ventilation in MunichVentilation hood for ventilation of underground garages Advantages of natural ventilation of underground garages and parking garages: A case study with the D40 ventilation hood from rotec Ventilation of underground garages and parking garages is a decisive factor for the safety and comfort of users. In addition to mechanical systems, natural ventilation has established itself as an efficient and economical alternative. This blog article discusses the advantages of natural ventilation of underground garages and presents...

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The many advantages of laser cutting at rotec GmbH Berlin

Sheets lasered Perforated sheets lasered Design Perforated sheets lasered Lasered construction parts The multiple advantages of laser cutting at rotec GmbH Berlin rotec GmbH Berlin has established itself as a pioneer in the field of laser cutting and offers a wide range of services in this area. Laser cutting is a highly precise and efficient method for processing a wide range of materials. In this article, we take a detailed look at the many benefits of laser cutting offered by rotec GmbH in Berlin. 1. precision and accuracy Laser cutting enables exceptional precision and accuracy when processing materials. The highly concentrated laser radiation creates narrow...

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Curved and rounded ventilation grilles

Curved ventilation grilleCurved ventilation grille Ventilation grille L.050 HF in Berlin Curved ventilation grilleCurved ventilation grille Round weather louvers Exquisite design with curved louvers by rotec Berlin Contemporary design is constantly evolving and increasingly requires customized shapes that give buildings a unique aesthetic. In this context, rotec has created an innovative solution that allows architects to realize their creative visions using a curved louvre wall. In a recently completed construction project in Berlin, rotec's Renson L.050 HF louvre model was successfully integrated. It is interesting to mention that also the lamella types Renson L.033.01, L.033HF, L.050.00 are available in a curved version, which...

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