Exclusive facade cladding with aluminum facade grating rotec type Berlin

Our gratings as facade elements are a specialty in our company. In particular, our facade grating type Berlin combines special properties that open up new application possibilities in the field of conventional facade gratings. With an impressive length of up to 6000 mm and a production height of 1260 mm, we offer technical excellence paired with elegant design.

Versatile applications for architecturally impressive facade gratings

Our rotec facade gratings type Berlin find a variety of applications. They serve as sun protection and privacy screens on facades, can act as machine enclosures on the roof and are used as ceiling gratings in train stations and airports.

High quality aluminum construction for maximum load capacity

Our facade gratings type Berlin are made of aluminum in a hydraulic high-pressure pressing process. This process ensures that the filler bars are inseparably connected to the bearing bars, which means that the grating can withstand the highest loads of a Shear field support effect withstands, this is particularly important in facade construction. In addition, this manufacturing process is characterized by the absence of visible welding spots that could spoil the visual appearance.

    Further advantages at a glance


    For our aluminum facade gratings, we use only AlMgSi0.5 F22 material (international standard 6060), which allows for higher load capacity. Supporting and filling bars are made of extruded profiles without cut edges, which eliminates the risk of injury.

      Surface treatment

      The rotec aluminum facade grating is given a uniform silk-matt glossy surface by the material mentioned. The uniformity is optimized by a careful selection of our material composition. The facade grating can be anodized or powder coated.

        Other optical attributes

        Welded joints are only created on our aluminum facade gratings when the edge trim is attached. We attach great importance to the fact that the mesh pattern is continuous when the grating is placed one behind the other in order to ensure a uniform visual image.


          The grating can be easily attached to the facade or ceiling by means of welded-in leaves with slotted holes.

            Other optical attributes

            rotec facade grating type Berlin - Highest quality for demanding applications
            Our exclusive Berlin-type aluminum facade gratings are the ideal choice for demanding projects in facade construction. They combine technical performance, high-quality materials and aesthetic design. If you would like more information or are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Discover the diverse possibilities of our facade gratings and raise your projects to a new level.


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