35 years rotec GmbH berlin

For 35 years now, the name rotec has stood for quality, reliability and innovation in the metalworking industry. Our journey began in 1988, when we set ourselves the goal of developing not only metal products, but solutions for our customers

Quality meets innovation

rotec specializes in the professional processing of metal for industry and the building trade. Whether laser sheet metal processing, development and sales of metal constructions or the production of certified roof hoods for shaft smoke extraction of elevators - we offer a wide portfolio of services. We attach great importance to quality, as our numerous certificates such as DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN 1090-1/2, EXC 1+2 and DIN EN ISO 3834-3 impressively prove.

    A partner for the future

    We have been a premium partner of the Renson company from Belgium for 25 years. This long-standing partnership underscores our commitment to quality and our willingness to constantly evolve.

    Innovation in focus

    Our latest product is RC2 burglar-resistant ventilation grilles, ideal for night cooling of schools, server rooms and data centers. This development is further proof that we are always thinking one step ahead to not only meet, but exceed our customers' specific requirements.

    A look into the future

    As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we not only look back proudly on our successes and achievements, but also optimistically into the future. Our goal is to continue to provide groundbreaking products and solutions in the metalworking industry. We invest in research and development to find the best solutions for tomorrow's challenges.

    Closing words

    We would like to thank our customers, partners and employees who have accompanied us on this exciting journey and will continue to stand by our side in the future. Your trust and support are the cornerstone of our success.

    For more information about our products and services please visit our website www.rotec-berlin.de 

    Karl Marx,
    Founder of the rotec GmbH


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