Aluminum floor grilles for optimal server room ventilation: A comprehensive guide

 A focus on application flexibilityIn the world of technology, where server rooms are at the heart of our digital infrastructure, efficient and reliable cooling is essential. This is where aluminum floor grilles play a crucial role. The AV500 model from Grada is a prime example of high-quality solutions that meet both technical and aesthetic requirements.

Why aluminum floor grilles?
The AV500 is specifically designed for computer rooms, technical rooms and similar environments where precise control of air circulation is essential. Thanks to its modular design (600 x 600 mm), it fits seamlessly into existing flooring systems. The combination of reinforced aluminum blades and a black painted steel frame (RAL 9005) not only ensures optimal airflow, but also an attractive appearance.

Versatility and adaptability 
The AV500 comes in different versions to meet specific requirements. Be it the AV507 model with volume control, the AV510 with steel supports for additional stability or the AV520, which enables flexible installation thanks to adjustable screws. In addition, the GT007 accessory offers fine adjustment of the air volume thanks to counter-rotating blades made of sheet steel. 

Technical excellence 
Not only the flexibility, but also the technical performance of the grilles is impressive. With a standard depth of 20 mm, which can be adapted to specific installation situations, these grilles are classified in the "Extra light" structural class in accordance with NBN EN13264. They can handle air volumes of 325 to 2600 m³/h, with a pressure loss of only 1 to 32 Pa and a sound level of less than 20 to 34 NR. These characteristics guarantee efficient cooling with minimal noise generation.

A focus on application flexibility 
From computer rooms to other technical areas, Grada's aluminum floor grilles are versatile. Their design promotes optimal air circulation, which is critical for maintaining ideal operating temperatures in server rooms. Factors such as purpose, air volume, pressure drop, installation depth, appearance and finish should be considered to find the best solution for each specific application.

Grada aluminum floor grilles are the ideal choice for building owners, architects and specialist planners who value quality, reliability and aesthetics. Their versatility, coupled with technical excellence, make them an indispensable part of modern technical facilities.

The floor grilles are now in use throughout Europe, and rotec supplies ventilation accessories such as floor grilles, jet nozzles, roof hoods, smoke extraction hoods and ventilation grilles for shaft smoke extraction to the greater Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Saarbrücken and Stuttgart areas on a weekly basis.

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