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Innovative architecture meets functionality: Linius louvre façade in the Storax project

Louvre wall system from Renson In modern architecture, it is often the innovative details that make a building unique. This is clearly demonstrated by the example of the office building of the Dutch biotech company Galapagos. Here, the Linius louvre wall system from Renson proves its versatility and aesthetics, especially in its curved version. The challenge of modern architecture Traditional architecture has often been limited to right angles. But in the age of creative and expressive design, it is clear that architectural innovation goes far beyond this. The Storax project is an example of this change. Here it was necessary to find technical solutions that not only...

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Ventilation grilles and weather protection grilles production at rotec in Berlin

Equipping a roof hood with ventilation louvers Fabrication of ventilation louvers in special sizes Weather protection louvers Ventilation louvers Assembly Roof hoods with ventilation louvers Roof hoods with ventilation louvers made of aluminum Smoke extraction hood for a sloped roof The fascination of ventilation louvers: Excellence in manufacturing at rotec Berlin For anyone involved in any way with the use or processing of ventilation louvers, rotec is the right partner. Our expertise extends to 35 years of experience in the construction of ventilation grilles and weather louvers, and we are proudly celebrating our 35th anniversary this fall. Wide range of services for ventilation grilles rotec's range of services is comprehensive and versatile. We offer a wide product range,...

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The magic of night ventilation: how to keep your home cool and your energy costs low

night ventilation -night cooling burglar resistant ventilation grille3burglar resistant ventilation grille data center night ventilation -night cooling night cooling rotec Why night ventilation? Summer is here and temperatures are rising. While we all enjoy the warm days, the heat in our living spaces can become unbearable. That's where night ventilation comes in, an innovative solution that not only provides a comfortable indoor environment, but is also energy efficient. In this blog post, we explain what night ventilation is and why it could be the ideal choice for your home. What is night ventilation? Night ventilation is a system that brings cooler outdoor air into your home to lower the indoor temperature. Especially during the hot summer months,...

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Classic sun protection for offices and schools with SUNCLIPS

Sun protection slats installed in Luxemburgrotec Shading with Sunclips at a school in Luxemburg SunclipsFast installation thanks to the clips system Sunclips ShadingCorner solutions are possible Shading with SUNCLIPSIdeal sun protection for south facades Sunclips Sun protection for schoolsSunclips cantilever sun protection Sun protection slats Sunclips: Innovative Protection from the High Summer Sun When it comes to providing modern solar shading without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality, Renson Sunclips® solar shading louvers are second to none. Manufactured by one of the leaders in solar shading, Sunclips® combine innovative technology with elegant design. The benefits of Sunclips louvers What makes Sunclips so special? It is the ideal protection from the high summer sun, which at the same time allows the view...

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Our innovative façade element - the puncture-proof louvre façade from rotec GmbH Berlin

We at the renowned company rotec GmbH Berlin are proud to present our project: an innovative, opaque and poke-proof lamella wall, specially developed as a façade element for a gas storage facility in Freiberg (Saxony). When selecting the components, we opted for the tried-and-tested Renson L.033V louvre. Poke-proof weather protection grillePoke-proof weather protection grille at a transformer station Poke-proof ventilation grillePoke-proof ventilation grille in use at a wind power plant Travostationwithpoke-proof slat wall We prefer to use these V-shaped slats from Renson when restricted access is required, such as at transformer stations. They are not only excellent for privacy protection, but also impress with their exceptional water resistance - a...

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