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Parking garage louvre façade: Renson Linius L.050 louvre blade & perforated metal panels

In the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, a metropolis recognized worldwide for its pioneering architecture and progressive approach to urban development, rises the "Uptown Rotterdam" parking garage project. This flagship project is an impressive illustration of how the symbiosis of modern technology and aesthetic design can shape the future of urban infrastructure. Through the clever integration of Renson brand louvers together with first-class perforated metal panels, this building sets new standards in the design of parking garages.

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Night cooling: Efficient air conditioning for buildings, schools and nurseries

Night cooling, also known as night cooling, is an innovative method of air conditioning for buildings, schools, kindergartens and homes that is used particularly in hot summer months. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution that is primarily used in modern buildings such as data centers, schools, kindergartens and offices.

How night cooling works
Night cooling uses the cooler temperatures of the night to cool the interior of buildings. This natural method of building air conditioning reduces the need for artificial air conditioning, resulting in significant energy savings.

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Innovative architecture meets functionality: Linius louvre façade in the Storax project

Louvre wall system from Renson In modern architecture, it is often the innovative details that make a building unique. This is clearly demonstrated by the example of the office building of the Dutch biotech company Galapagos. Here, the Linius louvre wall system from Renson proves its versatility and aesthetics, especially in its curved version. The challenge of modern architecture Traditional architecture has often been limited to right angles. But in the age of creative and expressive design, it is clear that architectural innovation goes far beyond this. The Storax project is an example of this change. Here it was necessary to find technical solutions that not only...

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Stair tower cladding with the rotec facade grating type Berlin: aesthetics and functionality in harmony

Staircase cladding aluminum facade grating stair tower facade grating pattern facade grating_fixings stair tower cladding with rotec facade grating type Berlin Staircases are not only functional elements in buildings, but often also architectural highlights. Their cladding and enclosure require special solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In this context, the rotec façade grating type Berlin proves to be an outstanding choice to meet these requirements. Technical excellence for sophisticated staircase cladding One of the remarkable features of the facade grating type Berlin is the possibility to produce gratings with a production length of up to 6000 mm without edging. This makes it possible to display the façade appearance without interruption. No disturbing welding spots and...

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Rotec facade grating type Berlin, Exclusive facade cladding with aluminum gratings

facade grating type berlinFacade of a car dealership in Berlin parking garage facaderotec facade grating type Berlin as fall protection in a parking garage facade grating pattern fastening facade gratingFacade grating is fastened by means of a welded-in plate Exclusive facade cladding with aluminum facade grating rotec type Berlin A specialty in our company are our gratings as facade elements. In particular, our facade grating type Berlin combines special properties that open up new application possibilities in the field of conventional facade gratings. With an impressive length of up to 6000 mm and a production height of 1260 mm, we offer technical excellence paired with elegant design. Versatile applications for architecturally impressive facade gratings Our rotec facade gratings type Berlin find a variety of applications. They serve, as sun protection...

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The magic of night ventilation: how to keep your home cool and your energy costs low

night ventilation -night cooling burglar resistant ventilation grille3burglar resistant ventilation grille data center night ventilation -night cooling night cooling rotec Why night ventilation? Summer is here and temperatures are rising. While we all enjoy the warm days, the heat in our living spaces can become unbearable. That's where night ventilation comes in, an innovative solution that not only provides a comfortable indoor environment, but is also energy efficient. In this blog post, we explain what night ventilation is and why it could be the ideal choice for your home. What is night ventilation? Night ventilation is a system that brings cooler outdoor air into your home to lower the indoor temperature. Especially during the hot summer months,...

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Rotec technical enclosure in Hamburg with Renson lamella L.120.01

Louvre wall Hamburg-5 Louvre wall Hamburg-4 Louvre wall Hamburg-3 Louvre wall Hamburg-2 Rotec technical enclosure in Hamburg with Renson louvre L.120.01, the ideal solution for air conditioning unit enclosures The requirements for modern air conditioning unit enclosures are diverse. In addition to the aesthetic component, technical factors such as span width, material resistance and ease of installation also play a decisive role. In a completed project in Hamburg on Anckelmannstrasse, Rotec was able to master these challenges with aplomb. The key role was played by the L.120.01 louvre blade from Renson, one of our long-standing premium partners. The challenge The special feature of this project was the requirement to find louvers that allow a free span of up to 2000 mm. This is particularly demanding, as the...

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Aluminum lamella facade in Potsdam

Linius-L-050HF (2) Linius-L-050HF (1) Linius-L-050HF Sound insulation louvres High-quality aluminum LAMELLAR FACADE with louvres from Renson L.050 HF at the Schwimmbad am Stern in Potsdam Facades are the face of a building and tell a lot about its function and aesthetics. In modern architectural developments, great importance is attached to sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and functional façade solutions. Louvre façades made of aluminum, which can be used both as privacy screens and to control the flow of light and air, are particularly popular. rotec, as a 25-year premium partner of the Belgian company Renson, would like to present the high-quality aluminum façades with Renson L.050 HF louvres in this blog article.

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The magic invisible garage doors with Linarte wall cladding

Linarte residential building in BerlinWall cladding with Linarte in Gürtelstraße in Berlin Linarte wall claddingLinarte exterior wall cladding with integrated LED lighting Linarte cladding of a wallCladding of a wall in a sauna business Invisible garage doors with Linarte wall cladding When you think of facade cladding, garage doors probably don't immediately come to mind. However, Linarte wall cladding systems set new standards in the architecture and design industry by making garage doors elegant and virtually invisible. Linarte profiles: Elegance meets functionality Linarte profiles offer a linear unit with vertical profiles in a variety of finishes, for both interior and exterior use. The focus is on the seamless transition from gates...

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Quiet living and more effective working thanks to rotec soundproofing louvers

Amidst the pulsating soundscape of our cities, the demand for effective noise control measures is increasing. Whether in densely populated residential areas or busy industrial zones - the desire for quiet and acoustic shielding is growing. With the rotec sound insulation lamellas we present the perfect solution for this demand. Our sound insulation louvers, designed for enclosures such as parking garages, facades and technical control centers, provide effective sound insulation while creating natural ventilation. This combination makes them an invaluable part of any modern building where noise control and air circulation must go hand in hand.

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Linarte facade with integrated LED lighting

In Berlin Friedrichshain, we recently implemented an exciting project in which we used the aluminum façade system "Linarte" from the Belgian manufacturer RENSON. This innovative facade cladding is characterized by its integrated LED lighting, which gives the buildings a special touch at night. Linarte is a high-quality façade system in which either wooden elements or LED strips can be incorporated into the recesses of the vertical slats. In this project, we chose the LED strips, which were installed in the house passage. The lighting provides not...

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Sound-absorbing lamellas: Project in Leipzig

In a hotel project in Leipzig, Germany, Renson's L.150ACL louvre was successfully used to reduce the noise pollution caused by the operation of an air conditioning system to an acceptable level. The L.150ACL lamella proved to be an effective and aesthetic solution to this problem. The design and implementation of the sound insulation in this project was carried out by rotec GmbH Berlin, a Renson premium partner. rotec GmbH has an impressive 30 years of experience in the field of soundproofing systems and enclosures for air conditioning systems on roofs. Interior viewSound insulation lamella in a parking garageSound insulation lamella L.150 ACScreening noise on the roof of an office building in RostockSound insulation lamellaRenson...

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Our innovative façade element - the puncture-proof louvre façade from rotec GmbH Berlin

We at the renowned company rotec GmbH Berlin are proud to present our project: an innovative, opaque and poke-proof lamella wall, specially developed as a façade element for a gas storage facility in Freiberg (Saxony). When selecting the components, we opted for the tried-and-tested Renson L.033V louvre. Poke-proof weather protection grillePoke-proof weather protection grille at a transformer station Poke-proof ventilation grillePoke-proof ventilation grille in use at a wind power plant Travostationwithpoke-proof slat wall We prefer to use these V-shaped slats from Renson when restricted access is required, such as at transformer stations. They are not only excellent for privacy protection, but also impress with their exceptional water resistance - a...

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