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Night setback in data centers: security and efficiency with Renson 431RC2 burglar-resistant ventilation grilles

Lowering the temperature in data centers at night is an advanced method of reducing operating costs and significantly improving energy efficiency. In conjunction with burglar-resistant ventilation grilles such as the type 431RC2, certified to DIN EN 1627, this opens up an innovative way of ensuring security and efficiency in equal measure. .....

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Night cooling for schools and server rooms

Ventilation grille with burglar protectionBurglar resistant ventilation grille for night cooling in a school Lockable ventilation grille RC2Lockable ventilation grille with burglar protection RC2 Grille with closed doorAccording to requirements, the ventilation grille can be locked Advantages of night cooling with burglar resistant ventilation grilles for schools and server rooms IntroductionEnergy consumption in modern buildings, especially in data centers, schools and offices, is a major issue that involves not only costs but also environmental impact. An innovative solution that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective is to use night cooling. This method becomes especially effective when combined with Renson's Burglar Resistant Ventilation Grilles. In this article we would like to...

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Night cooling for schools

Good ventilation in schools is an essential factor in protecting students and teachers from health problems and increasing their performance. Especially in times of pandemics, indoor air quality is an important aspect to consider. But how can good ventilation be ensured in schools? One solution is offered by the Berlin-based company rotec. rotec is a...

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Intrusion-resistant ventilation grilles for data centers


Data centers are of great importance to businesses, government agencies and other organizations because they provide a safe and secure infrastructure for storing and processing data. It is critical that these facilities are protected against intruders and unauthorized access to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data there.

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