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Tag: Industrial fence

Natural wire - Razor Wire S-wire: High security wire for maximum security

At a time when security is becoming increasingly important, companies are faced with the challenge of effectively protecting their property. Inadequate protection can lead to break-ins, vandalism and unauthorized access, which not only cause material damage but also impair the sense of security.

This is where rotec barbed wire comes into play. Nato wire, also known as razor wire, S-wire, blade wire and barbed locking wire. Nato wire is a special security wire that has been developed for high-security applications. This wire is particularly effective in preventing unauthorized access and is used worldwide in security-relevant areas such as prisons, military facilities, airports, industrial plants and embassies.

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Security fence, outdoor security Theft protection for precious metals and copper cables

Perimeter security with the rotec high security fence rotec APS - security you can rely on.
Security is a growing need in many industries, especially where valuable resources such as precious metals, copper cables, copper shavings, stainless steel and brass scrap are stored outdoors. Companies such as car yards, depots, recycling centers and storage yards are increasingly faced with the challenge of effectively securing their facilities. With the APS electric fence, rotec GmbH offers an innovative and efficient solution for securing outdoor areas.

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