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LINARTE privacy fence with LED lighting

Linarte privacy screen Elegance meets functionality: The LINARTE privacy fence from Renson - Exclusively at rotec Berlin Welcome to our blog! Today I would like to introduce you to something very special: the LINARTE privacy fence with LED lighting from Renson. As the exclusive contractual partner of Renson in Germany, rotec Berlin offers you these extraordinary fences that perfectly combine design and privacy. A masterpiece of aesthetics The LINARTE series is more than just a privacy fence. It is a statement from Renson for high-quality wall cladding and slatted walls. With its clear, linear aesthetics, the...

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Installation of Renson Linarte wall cladding

Linarte residential building in BerlinWall cladding with Linarte in Gürtelstraße in Berlin Linarte cladding of a wallCladding of a wall in a sauna business Linarte LED slatted wallLinarte wall cladding with LED lighting Invisible gate cladding with Linarte profiles - Installation cladding Installation of Renson Linarte wall cladding: quality and expertise from rotec Berlin Renson Linarte is more than just a wall cladding. It is a sophisticated aesthetic that inspires architects and interior designers alike. As a long-standing premium partner of the Renson company from Belgium, rotec Berlin brings over 20 years of experience in the production and installation of Renson products. Our expertise, combined with our proven quality - confirmed by ISO 9001 certification - makes...

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Linarte facade with integrated LED lighting

In Berlin Friedrichshain, we recently implemented an exciting project in which we used the aluminum façade system "Linarte" from the Belgian manufacturer RENSON. This innovative facade cladding is characterized by its integrated LED lighting, which gives the buildings a special touch at night. Linarte is a high-quality façade system in which either wooden elements or LED strips can be incorporated into the recesses of the vertical slats. In this project, we chose the LED strips, which were installed in the house passage. The lighting provides not...

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